August 2006 – The Decision

Well, to start, Tina and I are living in Germany. Tina works for Fujitsu with the MOD and I sit at home looking for a job. Not as bad as it sounds as I was working in Iraq for the previous couple of years, and since we got married Tina my wonderful wife, asked me to stop going there so I did.

So there I am, looking for a good job within the bubble that is the British Army in Germany. We had a nice quarter given to us by the MOD (Officer status you see), and we enjoyed the benefits of living tax free in Germany. A good life all in all, but a protected life in the bubble. People live for decades like that, but the bubble has to burst soon with the withdrawal of British troops from Germany. So we looked at what we’d do when Tina’s time in Germany would come to an end.

Returning to the UK didn’t look to good, as it’s one of the biggest third world countries in Europe. Failing infrastructure, overburdened education system, health system, transport system, stealth taxed to death. Last man out turn the lights off please. So we looked abroad. Canada maybe, hang on, lots of French there. Oz ? Hmm, New Zealand. Lovely, that’ll do me.We went to the Summer Ball in Rheindahlen with the civilian Mess and met a bloke there from NZ. He said come on down you wont regret it. So we had a chat, and decided to go for it.

Tina looked around the web in NZ and found out that there was an arm of Fujitsu there and I banged my CV off to their HR. A couple of days later and a few interviews and I had a valid job officer with Fujitsu in Wellington. Next stop, Get a Visa 🙂


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