September – October 2006 – The Visa

So the process of the Visa application started. We took on a consultant, recommended by Al Hollis who had just done the whole process. They in turn said, go for your work visa as its faster to get out there with that, then once you have it we can do the EOI (Expression of Interest), that’s what you need to fill in and get accepted for emigration.

So we plowed through the paperwork, took a weeks holiday in Florida with Cat, and then got the police checks and the medicals out of the way when we got back. Had to get up at 5am and drive to Dortmund for the medicals. Thanks to GPS it wasn’t too difficult. Expensive though for an x-ray and a medical.

Once we gathered all the facts and data, we pushed them through to the NZ consulate in Berlin, and they took a week to turn around and grant me my work visa. We were a little on tender hooks that last week, wondering whether to book a flight or not. But I got the Visa back through courier post on the Friday lunch time.


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