November to December 2006

So, there I am, in New Zealand, busy learning a new job and missing Tina like mad. Tina had the rough end of the stick being stuck in Germany, and arranging the removals to move our house contents out here, getting rid of the brand new Car, which we still need to get rid of ( sodding awkward gits in the customs in BFG, but that’s another story) and generally worrying over everything. bless her, it was a little rough trying to sort everything out, especially when the BFG customs required an actual signature from me, wouldn’t accept an email or a fax or a scan. Thank you DHL and sod you BFG customs. Anyhow. I spent the 7 weeks we were apart Skyping Tina morning and night, which wasn’t to bad except for the exact 12 hour difference. Learning the new job, getting my bearings and learning the local suburbs, and sitting in Starbucks on Saturdays and Sundays resting my leg ( just had keyhole surgery on my left kneecap 2 weeks before flying). Seven weeks apart seemed like an age but wasn’t to bad looking back. Tina worked out most of the stuff in Germany and said goodbye to all our friends, lots of tears all around.


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