Christmas 2006

Now this was fun. Frantically leave Wellington on Friday 22nd of December to fly all the way around the world in 34 hours. Landed on Saturday 23rd at 2pm in Dusseldorf and suddenly back in Germany 🙂 fun fun Arrghhh.

But I had Tina back in my arms again and all was right with the world. We spent Christmas tidying up the house ready for the handover back to the Army, and Tina’s Mum was there as well to spend Christmas with us. Debbie left on the 28th back to the UK and into the arms of Dave, and Tina and I , well we sorted the garden out, and worried about the packing. We closed down the Sparkasse account then panicked that we didn’t have enough money to pay for the removals on the 2nd of Jan, so the next three days we max’ d out out cash point withdrawals on all the cards trying to get the 5,000 euros we needed.

It all worked out in the end. The house was packed by the German firm. We realised they were under the impression we wanted to store the contents of the house for three months in Germany before sending it, soon corrected that and as I type its in a container ship on its way to Wellington. Should arrive here on the 26th of February.. The house handover went fine also. Tina learned her lesson from the last one, and paid for cleaners to come in and sort the house. We just had to make sure all the walls and doors were present. A few little last minute panics over the garden furniture and using the dishwasher to clean the Dyson, but all ok in the end. We handed the house back to the Military on the 4th of Jan after spending the night on the spare bed under a sleeping bag made for one. Romantic eh 🙂

We then moved into the Holiday Inn in Monchengladbach. The same hotel Tina stayed in when she first arrived in Germany nearly three years previously. Saying goodbye to all our friends was sad. They were all supportive and promised to come and visit. I wonder how many will make the trip? Sad times, but exciting times. Having done the trip before I was prepared for the long flights. Tina took it in her stride and we left Dusseldorf for the last time on Saturday January 6th 2007, to arrive in our adopted country, all wide eyed and dog tired on Monday 8th January.


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