We did it! Kiwi Wannabes No more.

20140303 - CitizenshipSo we finally made the last jump.  The journey which started in Germany when we thought, “How about NZ ?” is finally over.  All the paperwork, medicals screenings interviews travel, job searches houses pets and kids have all culminated in tonight.  Were finally New Zealand CItizens as a whole family.  We arrived at Te Papa as the invitation stated by 5:15.  We checked our names at the door and were given name stickers then guided to our seats.  Right at the front of the stage with aisle seats.  The proceedings were supposed to start at five to six with a briefing, and the Major arriving at 6pm. Of course it was delayed, and we eventually got the briefing at 6:15 with the Major straight after.  The dignitaries arrived,  we were welcomed Peter Jackson ( no, not that one) who is a descendant of the Iwi who welcomed the Europeans when they arrived in the harbour two hundred years ago.  We then stood and said the oath, then went up one by one and in groups of families to get our certificates of citizenship, shake the Mayors hand ( she became a citizen in 87 !)  and pose for  a photo.   We should get a link to download the shots sometime soon 🙂     Oh and there was a camera crew running around filming everything.  They said it was the BBC, so who knows we might end up on the Telly.

To top it all, when we were waiting I checked Facebook and I’d won two months free internet.  Well, they pay for two month sand I donate the money to a charity 🙂  good cause though,  one of the lads at work has a five-year old niece who was diagnosed with a brain tumour,    check out the link here and donate if you would.     Now to get the passports.  🙂

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