Its been way to long

Hi everyone, Its been way too long since the last blog, and Scott has reminded me that its my turn. So whats been happening? well life really, plays, shows, parks, zoo’s, School pick ups and drop offs.

Scott has started a new job at Datacom which is going very well he actually comes home smiling and wants to talk about his day which is fab. I have taken on a paid role for Plunket last year which is going well. So between School, daycare, working from home, and volunteering all my “spare time “it gets all a bit crazy in the Elsdon life.

20140513 - Ballet
Amber has started Ballet lessons with her friend Lily on a Tuesday after school which she is enjoying, but it makes life a little more interesting on a Tuesday. She has some trouble mixing with groups of people, she handles one on one communication better, but i encourage her to join in and try her best. She looks so cute in her tutu, and slippers though.

Rio is turning 2 in a few weeks, I can’t believe my baby is getting so big!! But boy are we totally getting the tantrum 2’s or what. Today we had complete meltdown in a cafe which included throwing himself around, screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking and hitting, was not fun for mummy.

Samson’s birthday also this month with him turning seven, he is getting to be an old man. The kids want kittens and guinea pigs at the moment so maybe in summer we will have to think about getting another pet.

Lots of cool things coming up to look forward too, including date night with hubby, and sound of music, grease, Oklahoma, and WOW. Its going to be a fast year.

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