Rio Turns 2

2014 06 28 - Rios 2nd Birthday 082
Hi everyone, so we reached a big milestone last week. Rio turned 2. It feels like yesterday that Amber was 2, where does the time go?

We have reached the end of term 2 at school for Amber, so now we have a two week break, I have some activities planned for her, but I still have to work, so DVD’s will be my friend this week I think. But also have plans to go and see the Peppa Pig show at North City, How to train your dragon 2 at the cinema, 4 play dates, and Puss in boots in Porirua little theatre. so should keep us out of trouble.

The party was fun last week, we did a thomas the tank engine party for Rio, so lots of effort went into decorations, and I had some nice comments from friends, so was happy.  (Thank you Marie for a wonderful cake,)  We had James & Phoebe all day too, so we had a cool family day, after the party we went to Avalon park, had a ride on the train, and a scoot on the park. Was fun.

In other news Amber & I are going to the UK for my brothers wedding in December, were both quite excited, but I’m a little apprehensive also, as its been 6 years since we went back last and 10 years since we have lived there. Scott and Rio going to stay here.  We decided that it was unaffordable for us all to go, and Rio wouldn’t remember it anyway. Amber  is very excited and should be a great experience for her.

We have also got some other big purchases this year, we have to get a tow bar put on the car, a tent, and stuff to camp, as we leave for Napier on the 27th December about a week after Amber & I return to from the UK, hope we survive ;o)

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