Bring on the Spring

As I am writing this, its coming up to school pick up time and of course down comes the rain. How does the rain know that its time to get the kiddies? bleugh..

Cant wait for spring not long now and we can start having longer days and warmer nights. So theres not a lot new with us. Amber has turned into a teenager when it comes to getting up in the morning. She refuses to get up before 8am, which is so hard to then get to school on time.  She gives the whole I don’t want to get up or go to school, and the face is so grumpy. However when she is at school she has a great time, and always says she has a good day ;o)

Rio is now going to Kindicare 3 days a week to give me time to do some work. He still screams every day, it took him 3 months to stop screaming in his last class, and now he has moved up to the next class, he has started all over again. He too has a great day, its all for show, and sometimes I feel for him, and sometimes I dont. He’s such a mummys boy. It will be interesting to see how he will cope when I take Amber to the UK in December, I think he might think i’m a deserter when we come home. lol

Quiet weekend planned this weekend, first one in ages where we haven’t planned much. Scott is off to beervania for his lads day again on Friday followed by Poker on Saturday night, so I think Sunday will be nursing his hangover. There is a free little cinema doing bugsy malone on saturday I’m quite tempted to take Amber, after her ballet class.

Ballet is going ok, but shes not a natural, so i don’t think we will continue next term, and try something after christmas instead.



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