My Reading with Tina Budd

Well its been forever again and thats my fault i have been so very busy, between work, kids, house, volunteer stuff, organising the UK stuff and being very sociable with parties, bbqs and more.. But i have to tell you about my lovely experience with Tina Budd.

Tina is an english bird so we got talking last year when she moved out to NZ. Our paths were destined to cross as we kept missing each other until i won a free reading at a fundraiser. Below is what I was told. I’m not a great believer in this sort of thing but Tina knew things that couldn’t have been researched through facebook etc.

Tina says that her spiritual visitor was a lady with the name deerdre or gladys she would have been a great aunt on my mums side. She described the way that the woman was talking to her and it was my mums personality to a tee, she changed subjects rapidly so i wrote random notes.

Pie charts & Graphs with figures will be important, she then said she got blurry and felt dizzy, like swaying and couldn’t focus. A black dog was coming into the family and older one that might need to be saved. Amber doesn’t miss a trick where as Rio is more go with the flow. Amber is strong willed and will have a huge conflict with a close friend in the next 2-18 months , there will be rockyness and Amber would be forceful. Amber has a really good friend whose placid.

A change of work for me, similar line of work, change of company, she could see that i will be working with children on a almost full time basis for the next 2 – 3 years. Big move out of wellington with the number 5 around it. south island/auckland connected with scotts work, Scott will apply for a job and offer is too move, will agree on 6 months trail. Im going to love the move.

A baby loss was a girl names milly not tragic just emotional conversations about trying again one def not and one maybe. Spirit telling her as we have one of each we don’t need more kids. Blunt, unemotional and Direct. I’m not a mumsy mum and we are fine as we are don’t need anything more.

Scott will be invited to a deep sea fishing trip by someone from his work, he will go and enjoy. I felt let down by a girlfriend this year and friend doesn’t see what the issue is. and doesn’t see why i’m upset. Lesson to be learnt is her lesson. need each other she didn’t realise how much she upsets some people. Just got to work it out. She will need my help, needs to be something to work through before we get close again. Suspected marriage issues with her, not getting upset just shouting.

Talked about PND – no i am not going to let this beat me, i don’t need help, pulled myself out thumbs up.Normally shug and just get on with it. Another animal dog? 6-12 months, word of mouth old dog 10 -12 years, will be fit & healthy.

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