2014 – Dec 2nd – Tina and Amber fly to the UK

So, I’m a single father for the next couple of weeks, Tina and Amber having flown out of Wellington yesterday to the UK for her brothers wedding to Hannah.  First day went well, Dropped the girls off at  the airport with a few tears, the flew to Auckland with no issues and I put Rio into Kindy with a few screams. Its going to hit him hard after attending for three days a week part time, to full days for five days a week.

2014 12 01 - Flying to UK 001
Got home and the dog had crapped three times on the floor and puked on the sofa, the sod, one was a pool of runny poo.  Thank the gods that the Roomba hadn’t kicked off and gone through it.  I found it in Rios room, with a sting from a balloon wrapped round its wheels.  Phew.

Rio arrived back home last night calling out for Amber, and this morning calling out for Mummy.  I explained they were on holiday and he seemed to go “OK” and accept it. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and I tempted him into the car with a Dora chocolate yoghurt.   Dropped him at Kindy at 0730, and he looked wary.   He was tucking into his yoghurt when I said bye bye, and the opened mouth chocolate screams of betrayal echoed the corridors as I fled. 🙂

Got the gang round for dinner tonight, should be good.

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