Major changes this year

Hi everyone, enjoying 2015 so far, we have lost teeth, changed jobs, started kindy and more.

Amber is still enjoying school, just coming to the end of term 3, and almost another year done, next year she will be changing to the sunshine team. Baby is growing up so fast.

She is starting to attend her friends 7th birthday party’s OMG.

She is tall and skinny and very much an Elsdon. She is getting her new glasses this week with her vision improving.

Rio turned 3 in June, and is now at kindy 5 days a week, he loves it but it’s very tiring. His language is coming on in leaps and bounds, really being articulate in conversion and repeating everything.

He’s a real outdoor kid, having fun in the spring weather jumping off the fort that grandpa built on to a beanbag.

Scott and I are well, I am doing Stepember this month to get fitter and Scott has joined us up to the gym, with him going everyday and me doing hot yoga (believe me its really good).

The house is taking shape with decorations nearly finished in the dinning/front room. I have big plans.

No visitors as of yet booked to come and see us this year, but we are away camping over the summer period so that is to look forward too.

I am still volunteering for Plunket but now also have a new job at Touchwood nursery furniture, which is more hours and local. Busy busy.

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