2015 Summer Holidays

Well Xmas was cool, a beautiful day, with kids who were really excited. They were up at 0620 and dragged us from our beds telling us Santa had been. Everything was chaos and all presents unwrapped by 0740.    In the afternoon we attempted to drive up the coast with half of the population of Wellington. We never made it so turned around and spent the afternoon in the sun on the beach at Plimmerton with the Clarke Family. Steph made up a BBQ and Tina and Susie burnt the soles of their feet whilst walking to find some fire to set it off. The kids played in the surf and there were the normal amount of laughs and tears from six and three-year olds.

2015 12 28 - New Plymouth Camping Day 2 015Boxing day to recover and pack, then the next day we drove up to New Plymouth for a week with three other families.  A great little campsite on the beach and beautiful weather. No sooner had we got the tent up than we got down to the beach and ran around in the waves. Amber got the idea with her bodyboard after watching another couple surfing in the waves, Rio just ran back and forth.  Sunny days and interrupted nights with kids waking up and joining us in our blow up bed 🙂   Perfect Kiwi summer holidays with good friends.  New Plymouth was nice, it had some odd traffic ideas and routes but we got used to them. We visited the local Zoo, the magnificent park and went back on new year’s eve with the entire population it seemed to see the night lights.   The rain then set in, nothing too hard but plenty of it off and on.  Eventually we packed up on the Sunday in the rain and headed off at 0900 to get home around 1600 after 6 pee stops (for the kids, not me) and two food stops (for me).  Traffic wasn’t bad until the notorious roundabout north of Otaki, they really need to do something about that, we queued for 2 KM north of it, then through then nothing.  Monday we managed to get the tent up, dry it off and do a multitude of admin tasks cleaning up. Back to work tomorrow.  Oh, and seven days in the sun without issue. one afternoon in my own backyards and sunburn. Bugger.

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