2016 01 15 – Tina’s Birthday

So Friday was Tina’s Birthday and a long weekend for us all.  I booked the day off work and we planned to get up early and drive north to Waitarere. So we got up late and drove north to Waitarere.   Tina had a lay in bed and I prepped the kids to go in at a sociable hour to wake her with her presents.

2016 01 16 - Tina Birthday in Whiterea 001Quick shower and pack the bags and we were on the road before 11 !    We all stayed over at Stacey’s place with four families in all on the Saturday night.  Tents were put up for the kids in the garden which they all fought over to sleep in, and you guessed it, all of them in the house by 10pm and the tents empty :-).  Saturday night was a bit different, two kids managed to fall asleep in the tents but we ended up carrying them indoors when some party up the road was blasting out music till 1am.   Meals were BBQ’s and very very nice.  Martin got some black pudding from the local Dutch store which was divine fried up, and the days were spent snoozing and playing in the surf on the beach.  Tina had a surprise party for her birthday on Saturday and was very emotional.  A cool weekend with good friends.

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