2016 01 27 – Amber’s Seventh Birthday

2016 01 26 - Amber and Kitty 001Happy birthday to Amber today, one excited little girl.  We all woke this morning and she opened her cards from family and friends and a parcel from nana Jan.  Her present is Kitty, which she’s been begging for, for a few months.  We went down to the SPCA on Saturday and she picked out this little grey and white boy who kept everyone up on Saturday night with constant meowing.  He seems to have settled in. He knows where his little tray is, and uses it!  which is a blessing, and sleeps in Ambers room which she loves.   Today I’m at home this morning, and we’ll be heading down for a cake and fluffy before picking up the school stationery ( School starts next week !  Yeah)  Then I’ll drop her with Tina before I head into work this afternoon.   The big party for her is this Saturday when she’ll be holding a Rock Climbing party at Hangdogs for her girlfriends, then a sleepover on Saturday night.   Seven !  Seven years.  Is time accelerating?

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