2016 02 06 – 19th Wedding Anniversary BBQ

20160206 - 10th Anniv BBQ

10 years together,  not quite yet, but on the 10th of February.  Tina arranged a BBQ in the garden for friends, not all unfortunately  but by heck the place was packed.  Terry supplied some fine steaks and a HUGE ham plus Black Pudding (Yum), Martin brought some more Black Pudding (cant have enough)  and folks brought all sorts of other sausages meats salads and desserts.  Now a day later the fridge  is fuller than it was yesterday pre BBQ.   We had a great time and are very privileged to know some wonderful generous friends.  Thank you for celebrating with us and making our day.  The kids had a whale of a time,  Amber and Rio didn’t get to bed till around 10pm,  still didn’t stop the buggers from getting up at 7am though.  So now its Sunday lunch time, and we’ve finally cleared everything up. Ham sandwiches for lunch carved off the bone, we’ll be eating it for a week,  and some sliced steak with hot chilli sauce yum.  Off blackberry picking this afternoon in the heat, might make a crumble for tea.  Thank you all.

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