2017 02 23 – And were back online

OK The blog is back online.   I was paying for a host in the UK for the last ten years and as social media has taken over and facebook is the primary way that people find out about life then the blog wasnt required anymore.  That and as we were posting daily to the FB the blog languished. So I parked it,  thought I’d let the hosting expire and send the domain name to a static site.  Anyhow, playing around this afternoon I decided to try the export the entire website feature, and managed to move it over the the free wordpress site.  Its got some limitations but I’m happier it’s now all back online and editable. I might even post some momentous family events. Still playing with it at the moment.    A lot of the functionality and customisation isnt available here, but what there is will do.

2017-02-19 Dad and the kids at Zealandia
Dad and the kids at Zealandia

State of the family Feb 2017 ?    Well my Dad came out from the UK and spent 6 weeks with us which was fun.  We went up to Rotorua and did the tourist thing, trips to Somes Island and Carterton.  Some hot days and some wet ones.  Dad managed to build a platform in the tree in the garden before he went and Amber is ecstatic with it. Rio can’t get up there, which probably  for the best.   Dad flew out on Tuesday back to the cold of the UK and its been sunny ever since, typical eh.   Work is good, Kids are fine and healthy.  I’d say we were blessed if I believed in an invisible man in the sky.   Life is good.

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