The UK

Things that I thought I missed about the UK:

1) Family

2) Friends

3) Cheap stuff

4) English Pubs

5) A Pint of cider

6) Skips & Quavers

7) Driving newer cars

8) Haribo & Haagen Dazs Ice cream

9) Shreddies & Shredded wheat

10) Manual Cars

Things I realised I had actually missed from the UK

1) Lee

2) Mum & Pops

3) Scotts Family

4) Tasha

5) Squeeze

6) Ruth

7) Getting to know Hannah (what a absolutely gorgeous new SIL I have)

8) Other Family

9) Other friends

although it was nice to eat, drink and visit the UK, turns out the only things I miss are people.


2014 – Dec 2nd – Tina and Amber fly to the UK

So, I’m a single father for the next couple of weeks, Tina and Amber having flown out of Wellington yesterday to the UK for her brothers wedding to Hannah.  First day went well, Dropped the girls off at  the airport with a few tears, the flew to Auckland with no issues and I put Rio into Kindy with a few screams. Its going to hit him hard after attending for three days a week part time, to full days for five days a week.

2014 12 01 - Flying to UK 001
Got home and the dog had crapped three times on the floor and puked on the sofa, the sod, one was a pool of runny poo.  Thank the gods that the Roomba hadn’t kicked off and gone through it.  I found it in Rios room, with a sting from a balloon wrapped round its wheels.  Phew.

Rio arrived back home last night calling out for Amber, and this morning calling out for Mummy.  I explained they were on holiday and he seemed to go “OK” and accept it. Bacon and eggs for breakfast and I tempted him into the car with a Dora chocolate yoghurt.   Dropped him at Kindy at 0730, and he looked wary.   He was tucking into his yoghurt when I said bye bye, and the opened mouth chocolate screams of betrayal echoed the corridors as I fled. 🙂

Got the gang round for dinner tonight, should be good.

My Reading with Tina Budd

Well its been forever again and thats my fault i have been so very busy, between work, kids, house, volunteer stuff, organising the UK stuff and being very sociable with parties, bbqs and more.. But i have to tell you about my lovely experience with Tina Budd.

Tina is an english bird so we got talking last year when she moved out to NZ. Our paths were destined to cross as we kept missing each other until i won a free reading at a fundraiser. Below is what I was told. I’m not a great believer in this sort of thing but Tina knew things that couldn’t have been researched through facebook etc.

Tina says that her spiritual visitor was a lady with the name deerdre or gladys she would have been a great aunt on my mums side. She described the way that the woman was talking to her and it was my mums personality to a tee, she changed subjects rapidly so i wrote random notes.

Pie charts & Graphs with figures will be important, she then said she got blurry and felt dizzy, like swaying and couldn’t focus. A black dog was coming into the family and older one that might need to be saved. Amber doesn’t miss a trick where as Rio is more go with the flow. Amber is strong willed and will have a huge conflict with a close friend in the next 2-18 months , there will be rockyness and Amber would be forceful. Amber has a really good friend whose placid.

A change of work for me, similar line of work, change of company, she could see that i will be working with children on a almost full time basis for the next 2 – 3 years. Big move out of wellington with the number 5 around it. south island/auckland connected with scotts work, Scott will apply for a job and offer is too move, will agree on 6 months trail. Im going to love the move.

A baby loss was a girl names milly not tragic just emotional conversations about trying again one def not and one maybe. Spirit telling her as we have one of each we don’t need more kids. Blunt, unemotional and Direct. I’m not a mumsy mum and we are fine as we are don’t need anything more.

Scott will be invited to a deep sea fishing trip by someone from his work, he will go and enjoy. I felt let down by a girlfriend this year and friend doesn’t see what the issue is. and doesn’t see why i’m upset. Lesson to be learnt is her lesson. need each other she didn’t realise how much she upsets some people. Just got to work it out. She will need my help, needs to be something to work through before we get close again. Suspected marriage issues with her, not getting upset just shouting.

Talked about PND – no i am not going to let this beat me, i don’t need help, pulled myself out thumbs up.Normally shug and just get on with it. Another animal dog? 6-12 months, word of mouth old dog 10 -12 years, will be fit & healthy.

Bring on the Spring

As I am writing this, its coming up to school pick up time and of course down comes the rain. How does the rain know that its time to get the kiddies? bleugh..

Cant wait for spring not long now and we can start having longer days and warmer nights. So theres not a lot new with us. Amber has turned into a teenager when it comes to getting up in the morning. She refuses to get up before 8am, which is so hard to then get to school on time.  She gives the whole I don’t want to get up or go to school, and the face is so grumpy. However when she is at school she has a great time, and always says she has a good day ;o)

Rio is now going to Kindicare 3 days a week to give me time to do some work. He still screams every day, it took him 3 months to stop screaming in his last class, and now he has moved up to the next class, he has started all over again. He too has a great day, its all for show, and sometimes I feel for him, and sometimes I dont. He’s such a mummys boy. It will be interesting to see how he will cope when I take Amber to the UK in December, I think he might think i’m a deserter when we come home. lol

Quiet weekend planned this weekend, first one in ages where we haven’t planned much. Scott is off to beervania for his lads day again on Friday followed by Poker on Saturday night, so I think Sunday will be nursing his hangover. There is a free little cinema doing bugsy malone on saturday I’m quite tempted to take Amber, after her ballet class.

Ballet is going ok, but shes not a natural, so i don’t think we will continue next term, and try something after christmas instead.



Rio Turns 2

2014 06 28 - Rios 2nd Birthday 082
Hi everyone, so we reached a big milestone last week. Rio turned 2. It feels like yesterday that Amber was 2, where does the time go?

We have reached the end of term 2 at school for Amber, so now we have a two week break, I have some activities planned for her, but I still have to work, so DVD’s will be my friend this week I think. But also have plans to go and see the Peppa Pig show at North City, How to train your dragon 2 at the cinema, 4 play dates, and Puss in boots in Porirua little theatre. so should keep us out of trouble.

The party was fun last week, we did a thomas the tank engine party for Rio, so lots of effort went into decorations, and I had some nice comments from friends, so was happy.  (Thank you Marie for a wonderful cake,)  We had James & Phoebe all day too, so we had a cool family day, after the party we went to Avalon park, had a ride on the train, and a scoot on the park. Was fun.

In other news Amber & I are going to the UK for my brothers wedding in December, were both quite excited, but I’m a little apprehensive also, as its been 6 years since we went back last and 10 years since we have lived there. Scott and Rio going to stay here.  We decided that it was unaffordable for us all to go, and Rio wouldn’t remember it anyway. Amber  is very excited and should be a great experience for her.

We have also got some other big purchases this year, we have to get a tow bar put on the car, a tent, and stuff to camp, as we leave for Napier on the 27th December about a week after Amber & I return to from the UK, hope we survive ;o)

Its been way to long

Hi everyone, Its been way too long since the last blog, and Scott has reminded me that its my turn. So whats been happening? well life really, plays, shows, parks, zoo’s, School pick ups and drop offs.

Scott has started a new job at Datacom which is going very well he actually comes home smiling and wants to talk about his day which is fab. I have taken on a paid role for Plunket last year which is going well. So between School, daycare, working from home, and volunteering all my “spare time “it gets all a bit crazy in the Elsdon life.

20140513 - Ballet
Amber has started Ballet lessons with her friend Lily on a Tuesday after school which she is enjoying, but it makes life a little more interesting on a Tuesday. She has some trouble mixing with groups of people, she handles one on one communication better, but i encourage her to join in and try her best. She looks so cute in her tutu, and slippers though.

Rio is turning 2 in a few weeks, I can’t believe my baby is getting so big!! But boy are we totally getting the tantrum 2’s or what. Today we had complete meltdown in a cafe which included throwing himself around, screaming at the top of his lungs, kicking and hitting, was not fun for mummy.

Samson’s birthday also this month with him turning seven, he is getting to be an old man. The kids want kittens and guinea pigs at the moment so maybe in summer we will have to think about getting another pet.

Lots of cool things coming up to look forward too, including date night with hubby, and sound of music, grease, Oklahoma, and WOW. Its going to be a fast year.

We did it! Kiwi Wannabes No more.

20140303 - CitizenshipSo we finally made the last jump.  The journey which started in Germany when we thought, “How about NZ ?” is finally over.  All the paperwork, medicals screenings interviews travel, job searches houses pets and kids have all culminated in tonight.  Were finally New Zealand CItizens as a whole family.  We arrived at Te Papa as the invitation stated by 5:15.  We checked our names at the door and were given name stickers then guided to our seats.  Right at the front of the stage with aisle seats.  The proceedings were supposed to start at five to six with a briefing, and the Major arriving at 6pm. Of course it was delayed, and we eventually got the briefing at 6:15 with the Major straight after.  The dignitaries arrived,  we were welcomed Peter Jackson ( no, not that one) who is a descendant of the Iwi who welcomed the Europeans when they arrived in the harbour two hundred years ago.  We then stood and said the oath, then went up one by one and in groups of families to get our certificates of citizenship, shake the Mayors hand ( she became a citizen in 87 !)  and pose for  a photo.   We should get a link to download the shots sometime soon 🙂     Oh and there was a camera crew running around filming everything.  They said it was the BBC, so who knows we might end up on the Telly.

To top it all, when we were waiting I checked Facebook and I’d won two months free internet.  Well, they pay for two month sand I donate the money to a charity 🙂  good cause though,  one of the lads at work has a five-year old niece who was diagnosed with a brain tumour,    check out the link here and donate if you would.     Now to get the passports.  🙂